The Global Lab hosts several awards programs that provide support for students and faculty who are re-imagining the practices of research, teaching, and learning to more deeply integrate with diverse communities of practice outside the academy, to communicate in novel and impactful ways, and to generate knowledge that advances sustainability, resilience, and a more just world.

Artists In Residence

The Global Lab periodically hosts leading artists, scholars and thinkers who work at the interface of art, science and society, and create space for new ways of framing critical issues.

Global Fellows Program

The Global Fellows Program supports WPI faculty to reimagine research and pedagogical practices using digital media and creative scholarship strategies.

Projects for Peace

With funding from the Davis United World College Scholars Program, Projects for Peace allows WPI students to complete grassroots projects – anywhere in the world – to promote peace and build understanding.

Seeing Climate Change Photography Competition

What does climate change look like to you, its causes or consequences?