The Global Lab.

We use digital media and creative scholarship to connect people and ideas.

We foster collaborative processes, where practitioners, community members, researchers, and students work together to build a sustainable, resilient, and just future.

We build on WPI’s network of domestic and international project centers to experiment and learn about the power of community-engaged action research.

News & Update

Seeing Climate Change Photography Competition

The Global Lab is hosting, for the second year, a Climate Summit Photography Competition. We will be collecting photographs through D term from students that convey what climate change look like to you, its causes or consequences?

You can submit a photograph anytime before 30 April, 2024!

Project For Peace 2024 Awardee

The Global Lab is excited to announce the recipient of the 2024 Projects for Peace scholarship, Kerry Xiao and Colin Cotton‘s project – Holistic STEM education for the fight against underrepresentation and teen violent crime.

Let’s celebrate their achievements and wish them continued success on their project this summer!

Global Lab Highlights

Women In STEM

We highlight the challenges of being a woman in STEM with research and programs that support women and girls in technical fields.

Promoting integrated land-use planning for sustainability and climate resilience in Massachusetts

We explore the ways that goals for sustainability and climate resilience in Massachusetts portend significant transformation of the landscape in the next decades.

Climate Stories

We support research that catalyzes engagement and adaptation decision-making and we help develop creative climate communications.

The Global Lab's Podcast

We provide studio and field-based training in podcasting, photography, video production and creative scholarship. Listen to our podcasts here!