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Empathize. Engage. Inquire. Participate. Collaborate. Amplify.

The Global Lab.

Creative Scholarship

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Global Engagement

Global STEM Ed

Environmental Resilience

Lab Artists

A collaborative community pursuing knowledge for action, creativity and participatory community engagement.

What We Do

The Global Lab is a living lab space to learn about, explore, apply, test, and assess creative ways to transform research and education. The Lab offers opportunities and resources for creative scholarship around an expansive notion of community-based action research. It is a place to experiment and learn about community engagement, justice and equity collaborations, and integrative research and pedagogy.

Global Lab Projects

Global STEM Ed

WPI’s Global STEM Education Initiative collaborates with partners around the world to support, inspire, and enhance teaching and learning.

Women In STEM

We highlight the challenges of being a woman in STEM with research and programs that support women and girls in technical fields.

Climate Adaptation

We support research that catalyzes engagement and adaptation decision-making and we help develop creative climate communications.

Storyworlds for Social Change

We create multi-dimensional research products and social engagement strategies designed to include a wide range of stakeholders.

Ethical Engagement

We support STEM communities to build a more sustainable, just, and resilient world through community engagement, and equity-based collaborations.

Creative Pedagogy

We develop, test and distribute experimental, experiential, and embodied pedagogical resources and games.

Global Fellows

Our Global Fellows program helps WPI faculty reimagine research and pedagogical practices.  The program offers access to creative communication resources.


We provide studio and field-based training in podcasting, photography, video production and creative scholarship.

Global Lab STEAM Podcasts

Environmental Resilience

Global Lab podcast featuring scholars and practitioners who advance our understanding of complex environmental issues


Social Justice

We provide a platform for activists, researchers, and reporters working towards dismantling systemic issues within our society


Lab Artists

We provide an expressive and collaborative space for our Lab Artists to creatively engage with WPI’s student and faculty body


Global STEM Ed

WPI’s Global STEM Education Initiative collaborates with partners around the world to support, inspire, and enhance teaching and learning. 


Working in partnership with communities, The Global School empowers and inspires students to become civically engaged, compassionate and globally aware individuals. 

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