Global Lab researchers are engaged in collaborative, knowledge-for-action research, locally and globally, aimed at building a more sustainable, resilient, and just future. We collaborate with partners to identify needs, gather useful information, and identify next steps to address important challenges.

Promoting integrated land-use planning for sustainability and climate resilience in Massachusetts

A project to understand the challenges and opportunities for regional integrated land-use planning to achieve goals of sustainability and climate resilience in Massachusetts .

Collaborative Watershed Management in Massachusetts

Knowledge-for-action research on the importance of collaborative watershed-based partnerships to support climate resilience in Massachusetts.

Collaborative Planning for Climate Adaptation

Applications and assessments of the Vulnerability, Consequences, and Adaptation Planning Scenarios (VCAPS) process that supports participatory planning by government officials, stakeholders, and community residents concerned about coastal management and climate change vulnerability and adaptation.

Resilience Worcester

Research and outreach materials that examine Worcester’s core climate risks and present strategies for collaborative action.