in Residence

Visiting Artists, Writers, and Creatives Share Their Knowledge with the WPI Community.

The Global Lab periodically hosts leading artists, scholars and thinkers who work at the interface of art, science and society, and create space for new ways of framing critical issues.

Collab Artists

Soroush Farzin

Epistemic Wall – This art installation is an interactive wall with a translucent fabric structure and equipped with motors, which explores new forms of storytelling and engaging the community about WPI’s expanded global programs.

Ana Rewakowicz

Ana Rewakowicz is an interdisciplinary Polish-born artist, living and working in Montreal and Paris. Known for stimulating, interactive, inflatable works that question our relationship with the environment, she is concerned with issues of sustainability and the need for interdisciplinary collaborations to able to face environmental challenges and support a resilient surrounding.

Panmela Castro

During the week of September 16 – 20 2019, WPI hosted its second Arts and Sciences Week, organized by the School of Arts and Sciences along with other partners on campus. One of the featured guests at this event was Panmela Castro, a grafiteira and performance artist from Rio de Janeiro. Her work focuses on female empowerment and destigmatizing the role of women in society.

Daniel Glick

Daniel Glick is co-founder of The Story Group, an independent, multimedia journalism company based in Boulder, CO. He is also an author, journalist, editor and teacher, specializing in climate change and environmental topics.

Taylor Freesolo Rees

The Global Lab invited Taylor Rees to WPI to share her experience as a film director, photojournalist and online journalist through social media. During the 10th to the 12th of February 2020, Taylor gave various workshops and talks with the WPI community as part of the Global Lab’s StoryWorld: Artist-in-Residence Series, which is sponsored by the Women’s Impact Network.