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WPI Student Project Teams Address COVID-19

With the sudden eruption of the coronavirus pandemic, universities across the country have had to pivot to deliver academic content in the distance environment. WPI faced a unique challenge in that each term a large proportion of the junior class completes an immersive, off-campus project-based learning experience, the Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP). The IQP allows students to address an important challenge that lies at the interaction of society, technology and the environment.
Student and advisor project teams that were scheduled to complete IQPs at off-campus project centers in the spring had to quickly pivot to adapt existing projects or identify and develop new projects and complete these projects in the online environment, while still achieving the central goal of the IQP to engage with real world problems and stakeholders.
This page highlights the work of IQP teams that focused their efforts on examining different dimensions of the covid-19 crisis itself. Striking so fundamentally at the human-environment condition and affecting society across all strata, the crisis requires the kinds of integrative thinking that the IQP aims to foster in students. The COVID-19 Platform presents some of this project work, showing a variety of ways in which student-advisor teams are addressing the crisis.

Using Dynamic Models and Empirical COVID-19 Data to Showcase Pandemic Prevention Measures

Advisors: Svetlana Nikitina & Anton Losev & Dmitri Korovin

The team assessed six major countries’ strategies for mitigating virus spread and developed dynamic pandemic models using AnyLogic, a modeling application.
Ivan Nikulin, Matthew Withington, Kade Woolverton // Moscow: Anna Kozhieva, Astra Nikitina, Karina Nurgalieva, Olga Skiba

Recording Human Stories in a Time of Crisis

Advisors: Uma Kumar & Ingrid Shockey

Track the experience of living through this unprecedented time in history.

Raj Dandekar, Alex Klenk, Chioma Onyenokwe, Emilia Perez, Henry Poskanzer

Coronavirus Stories: Capturing the Voices of College Students

 Advisors: Peter Hansen & Bruce Bursten


Allow college students to tell their stories regarding how they were affected during this trying time.

Christopher Ferrari, Lucas Guerreiro, Gelila Hailemariam, William Schwend

Coronoglobal: Coronavirus Stories

 Advisors: Uma Kumar & Ingrid Shockey


The goal of our project was to collect stories and perspectives from young adults relating to the pandemic.

Scott D’Attilio, Jeremy Gagnon, Chenxi Li, Andrew Ressler

Transitioning During COVID-19: Student Perspectives

Advisors: Peter Hansen & Bruce Bursten

This project documents the experience of university students during the pandemic. We surveyed almost 300 students to understand student perspectives on the loss of campus life and other changes to the college experience during the pandemic.

Nicholas Boggiano, Olivia Lattanzi, Megan McCoole

Evaluating Impacts of COVID-19 on the Dairy Industry

Advisors: Uma Kumar & Ingrid Shockey

We evaluated the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the dairy industry by analyzing dairy market trends, interviewing dairy farmers, cooperatives, processors, vendors, and surveying consumers.

Connor Mulvey, Ryan Peters, Nathaniel Rutkowski

Analyzing the Effectiveness of Remote Labs at WPI

Advisors: Peter Hansen and Bruce Bursten

This project documents laboratory changes as a result of measures enacted in response to the pandemic.

Patrick Macauley, Zachary Newlon, Erika Wentz, Peter Zollinger

The Many Faces of COVID

Advisors: Tom Balistrieri & Sarah Wodin-Schwartz

This project explores the psychological and emotional effects of the pandemic through a longitudinal ‘daily diary’ survey.

Mathew Gulbin, David Robie, Gwyneth Zelmanow

COVID-19 Final Presentations

A Unique Collection of 24 Students’ Work on COVID-19

Faculty Advisors: Melissa Belz and Bob Hersh, with 24 students


COVID-19 Collection

This collection showcases the work of 24 students who pursued different dimensions of the covid-19 crisis, including medical stories, the college experience, impacts on work, the outdoors, and the sense of the pandemic

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