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Episode #08

Rob Watson


Changing how Environmental Systems Work

Join the Global Lab in listening to Rob Watson about how we need to change the way that we define value. In this episode, Rob talks about how sustainability is always considered from an economic standpoint, and about how that no longer can work. Come and see a specialist’s point of view on how to think of value in sustainability from an ethical point of view, i.e., ethonomics.

Hosted by Stephen McCauley, The Global School, WPI

Rob Watson on Storytelling through Urban Spaces

by Rob Watson & Stephen McCauley | Pathway to Sustainability

Guest Bio

Rob Watson is a sustainability expert specializing in green buildings. He pioneered the LEED certification, which is currently the most used certification for measuring the greenness of any building in the world. A graduate of Dartmouth, he has an MBA from Columbia and an MS from UC Berkley. He also is pioneering a certification program for waste management, called SWEEP and SWEEP+. He is also the Chief Strategy Officer for EcoHub Inc. and President and Chairman of PrimaFilm LLC.