wpi global Lab.


 We support partners on the ground to effect positive social and environmental change, bringing the tools of academic inquiry, community engagement and collaborative design to partnerships across sectors. We embrace the role of change makers, with a commitment to deep collaboration, humility, and continual reflection and adaptation as project realities unfold.

Global networks

WPI’s network of 50 unique project-based learning sites around the world provides a robust platform for collaboration and engagement. We are curious about what we can learn about important global challenges as they manifest in local realities, and how the innovations in one place may seed ideas that work in other places.

creative scholarship

 We are interested in opening academic communication to novel forms that have wider reach and generate more engagement and follow through. Our students and faculty are developing projects using transmedia storytelling, participatory art, mixed reality experiences and other forms of creative scholarship.

Office Location

Foisie Innovation Studio, 2nd Floor

Open Hours

M-F: 8am – 5pm