The Global Lab’s Training Center, a gift from WPI’s Class of 2019, unites the WPI community by engaging with global issues using transmedia storytelling. We encourage students interested in using our space to always be mindful of the world around us when creating different types of media.

Workshops and Trainings Offered

Photography Basics

Learn the basics of photography techniques for taking the best possible photographs for you projects.

Photoshop Basics

Learn how to navigate Adobe Photoshop and get started with some essential tools/tips/tricks to edit images quickly and effectively.

Fields Method & Equipment

Learn the basics of photography techniques for taking the best Explore the field kits offered at the ATC and learn how to use media production to enhance your IQP / MQP / academic and personal projects/photographs for your projects.

AV Studio Basics

Learn the basics of using studio equipment to record quality video and audio for your projects.

*You need to complete this training to reserve the AV Studio*


Transmedia Storytelling

Meet with Professor Dodson and Professor McCauley to discuss meaningful transmedia storytelling, leveraging their professional experience and knowledge.

*Please email to request this workshop!*

Audio Basics

Learn how to effectively record and edit sound using Reaper for podcasting, mixing and more!

    (Please bring headphones to this training)

Video Editing Using Adobe Premier

Learn the basics of video editing and syncing audio using Adobe Premiere. Great for more advance editing but much more difficult to learn than Camtasia.

Video Editing Using CAMTASIA

Learn the basics of editing video and syncing audio using Camtasia. Great for producing great content from your projects with ease.

Resources and Equipment

You can check out the resources we offer below:

Samsung Galaxy S3

360 Degree Camera

GoPro6/ Joby Kit

Body Straps for GoPros

Travel Projector

Lighting Kit

External Storage

Audio Recording Equipment

Zoom H5 Kit

Body Pack Microphone & Receivers

If you’re interested in checking out this equipment please sign up through the Canvas Course!

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