Women in the World

WPI students have helped improve the lives of women and girls for over 20 years in 14 countries through over 90 Interactive Qualifying Projects (IQPs)

IQPs allow students to work in interdisciplinary teams to solve a problem or provide for a need at the crossroads of science and society. Such projects are made possible through the generous grants provided by the Women’s Impact Network at WPI. 

Interact with the graph below to browse by category the IQPs that impact communities of women.

Impact to Women in Education

  • 30+ projects
  • Introduced more women and girls to STEM through clubs, STEM camps, and understanding of technology
  • Assessed the presence of gendered career interests in Worcester schools
  • Evaluated the culture and support surrounding women at WPI


Impact to Women in Health


  • 20+ projects
  • Increase awareness of women’s health issues within disadvantaged communities
  • Aid organizations that help women with cancer
  • Develop programs to prevent abuse of women
  • Research reproductive health issues
  • Study perceptions of health risks resulting from making weight in rowing
  • Aid in fundraising for homeless women

Impact to Women in Business

  • 15+ projects
  • Projects support marginalized women to start local businesses
  • Help existing businesses expand and grow
  • Aid in marketing women’s products and organizations
  • Use technology to expand women’s businesses
  • Analyze factors affecting employment of women


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