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Perceptions of a Changing Climate, Exposure and Vulnerability 

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Stories of Climate Change in Himachal Pradesh

.The group also produced a series of focus profile pieces through their Instagram, messagesfrommandi, that detail the complex experiences of the people they encountered while abroad in India

Himachal Pradesh

Climate change research has focused on scientific data as the driving force in building awareness of climate change. Less has been done to collect climate data from the perspectives of ordinary people. Ethnographic approaches enable citizen science participation in climate change research. We conducted and recorded semi-structured interviews and collected stories of lifelong residents in Himachal Pradesh to assess the perspectives of climate change. These findings communicate subtle perspectives on the experience and indicators of climate change through the stories.

Faculty Advisors: Ingrid K. Shockey, Gbetonmasse Blaise Somasse

Student Researchers: Brant William Reymann, David Santamaria, Emma J. Edwardson, Kevin Buffe Baptista