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Training Center

The Global Lab’s Training Center, a gift from WPI’s Class of 2019, unites the WPI community by engaging with global issues using transmedia storytelling. We encourage students interested in using our space to always be mindful of the world around us when creating different types of media.

Who We Are

Our Mission

The aim of the Sandbox is to incorporate the pre-production, production, and post production process into a 50-minute training, so students know what it takes to create a compelling media product that is engaging and is a positive deliverable for their project.

We plan to have an open communication with the IQP teams as they develop their IQP. This means that we will be aiding and guiding them to the resources that we have so they can create a more compelling story with some input.

Who We Are

Our Input

  • Allowing IQP teams Editing Time on the Global Lab Machines
  • Continued availability with our equipment
  • Technology and postproduction aid
  • Some guidance in how to compile a final idea and deliverable

We are there to work as a guiding force to have successful deliverables so they can communicate their project. These can include video presentations, VR(Virtual Reality) interaction, Photography aid, GoPro, 360, Audio, Basic of Graphic Design, continuation of fundamentals of story world etc.

360 Degree Camera

GoPro6/ Joby Kit

Body Straps for GoPros

Travel Projector

Lighting Kit

External Storage

Audio Recording Equipment

Zoom H5 Kit

Body Pack Microphone & Receivers