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StoryWorlds: A Global Lab Podcast

Sharing the Voices of WPI Students, Faculty, and Guests

Lois Gibbs was interviewed by Jihan to discuss her work with the Center for Health, Environment, and Justice. Their conversation focused on the role of women in societies in regards to promoting social justice and environmental preservation.

Click here to learn more about Lois and her work.

Bridging Art and Science with Ana Rewakowicz

Click here to learn more about Ana Rewakowicz and her work.

Daniel Glick taught a class at WPI called, “Climate Change, Resilience, and the Developing World” and presented at the Global Lab’s inaugural Climate Summit about the rapid ecological and economic changes in the Arctic.

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Race, Gender, the Body, and Art with Panmela Castro

Panmela Castro is a grafiteira and performance artist from Rio de Janeiro. Her work focuses on female empowerment and destigmatizing the role of women in society. Panmela spent several days on the WPI campus and engaged with the community in several ways, including painting a mural of Abbey Kelley Foster, a prominent suffragist and women’s rights advocate from Worcester, and speaking about the events that led her to the path of activism through art.

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Yasar Adanali discusses how urban design can be both a powerful tool and obstacle in building fair and just communities.

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Bridging Climate Change and Media with Taylor Freesolo Rees

Taylor Rees was invited by The Global Lab to WPI to share her experience as a film director, photojournalist and online journalist through social media. During the 10th to the 12th of February 2020, Taylor gave various workshops and talks with the WPI community, sponsored by the Women’s Impact Network.

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