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A community of passionate people seeking to make the world a better place through collaboration, engagement, creativity and storytelling.

Have you Herd? - Episode #2

Dr. Martín Burt, a world-renowned social entrepreneur who has developed various anti-poverty and educational social innovations that are currently being implemented in five continents; talks in his new book “Who Owns Poverty”. Further, Raymond Magambo has built a mobile device application and web-based platform which allows bus passengers to book and purchase their bus tickets directly using their mobile money accounts called Ticketi Rafiki (friendly Ticket).

Woman in the World

WPI students have helped improve the lives of women and girls for over more than 20 years in 14 countries through 90+ Interactive Qualifying Projects (IQPs). The Global Lab showcases and conducts research on the extensive array of IQP projects that have benefitted female community members at project centers. This initiative is generously supported by the Women’s Impact Network at WPI.

Storytelling Climate Change

Recording climate change stories engages students with communities on a topic of universal urgency, and in ways that transcend common barriers. The experiences of ordinary people on the ground have not always been solicited in planning for adaptation strategies or in other official narratives and metrics about climate change.

Covid-19 Project Hub

With the sudden eruption of the coronavirus pandemic, universities across the country have had to pivot to deliver academic content in the distance environment. WPI faced a unique challenge in that each term a large proportion of the junior class completes an immersive, off-campus project-based learning experience, the Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP).

Resilience Worcester

Helping Worcester Communities Adapt to Extreme Heat and other Climate Stresses.


Visiting Artists, Writers, and Creatives Share Their Knowledge with the WPI Community.

StoryWorld Spotlight

Climate Change

Communities Monitoring and Understanding Microplastics

Communities Monitoring and Understanding MicroplasticsThis project was intended to help the Port Phillip EcoCentre establish a long-term monitoring program to track microplastic pollution in Port Phillip Bay. We trialled, assessed, and designed an implementation plan for the Baykeeper Beach Litter...

Women in the World

Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers at Work and at Home in Indonesia

Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers at Work and at Home in Indonesia About Abstract To combat infant mortality, Indonesian law requires women to provide children younger than six months breastmilk. However, a lack of employee support and educational resources has kept compliance of this law to less...


Panmela Castro

Artist-In-Residence: Panmela Castro Presented by the Global Lab TRIGGER WARNING: This page includes images and videos of Panmela Castro's art, which some viewers may find upsetting.During the week of September 16 - 20 2019, WPI hosted its second Arts and Sciences Week, organized by the School of...