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     Research and Projects

Coronavirus Platform

The COVID-19 Platform presents some of this project work, showing a variety of ways in which student-advisor teams can contribute to addressing the crisis.

Click here to see the Covid-19 Project Hub

Storying Climate Change

WPI has an extraordinary opportunity to leverage our student project sites around the world to build a platform for sharing voices and perspectives on meaningful topics. Recording climate change stories engages students with communities on a …

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WIN: Women in the World

WPI students have helped improve the lives of women and girls for over 20 years in 14 countries through over 90 Interactive Qualifying Projects (IQPs). IQPs allow students to work in interdisciplinary teams to solve a problem or provide for a need …

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Resilience Worcester

WPI is helping Worcester communities adapt to extreme heat and other climate stresses. Air temperatures in Worcester, particularly after sunset, can be as much as 17°F warmer than the air in neighboring towns due the Urban Heat Island effect …

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