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The Grand Challenges Resource Center is a curation of past IQP work organized by subject. While designing their own IQPs with their advisors, students should look here for insight into past work.

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Highlighted IQP Themes

Design For a Sustainable Food Future

Design for a Sustainable Food Future Greenhouse Redesign for Elementary Educational Needs Faculty Advisors: Ahmet Can Sabuneu Student Researchers: Dan Barra, Katie Nugent, Daniel Ottey, Adam Peternell, Jonathan Toomey, Sean Traynor Learning and playing in nature...

Supporting Food Production Networks

Supporting Food Production Networks Investigating Farm To Restaurant Relationships in Worcester  Faculty Advisors: Robert Hersh, Suzanne LePage, Elizabeth Stoddard Student Researchers: Kevin Barry, John Crawford, Liam Fisher, Ryan Holmes There has been an increased...

Understanding Worcester’s Foodscapes

Understanding Worcester's Foodscapes Mapping the Potential for Urban Agriculture in Worcester: A Land Inventory Assessment Faculty Advisors: Robert Hersh, Suzanne LePage Student Researchers: Jay Allen Ringenbach, Matthew Thomas Valcourt, Wenli Wang This project...

Communities Monitoring and Understanding Microplastics

Communities Monitoring and Understanding Microplastics     This project was intended to help the Port Phillip EcoCentre establish a long-term monitoring program to track microplastic pollution in Port Phillip Bay. We trialled, assessed, and designed an...

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