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The Grand Challenges Resource Center is a curation of past IQP work organized by subject. While designing their own IQPs with their advisors, students should look here for insight into past work.

Grand Challenge Resources

working with indigenous communities

It is important for non-indigenous people working with indigenous communities to recognize how powerful and destructive Western science has often been for indigenous peoples and to be conscious of not misappropriating indigenous concepts.

Understanding worcester's foodscapes

Urban agriculture has the potential to improve food security in the city of Worcester. Potential sites for food production have been identified and policy decisions regarding food, health, and city planning have been informed.

supporting food production networks

There has been an increased demand for local food across the United States. These projects promote healthy, local agriculture by helping to create direct-to-consumer avenues for local food suppliers or farms.

Design for sustainable food future

Bioshelters and greenhouses use energy saving designs to improve the sustainability of local food production systems, address food security issues in low income neighborhoods, and foster community development.

communities monitoring and understanding microplastics

The chemical properties of plastic make it a threat to marine biodiversity when it is improperly disposed of. Creating a monitoring method to track changes in microplastic pollution is a first step in supporting healthy marine ecosystems.

Preserving and Promoting art and culture through technology

Technology can enhance existing museum exhibits by increasing visitor engagement and allowing museums to showcase artifacts that can not be physically put on display using virtual reality technology.

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