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Faculty Fellow

Sarah Stanlick

Integrative & Global Studies

The Ways of Knowing Project: Myriad Approaches to Understanding and Assessing the Transformative Capacity of Community Engagement

John-Michael Davis

Integrative & Global Studies

Toxic Livelihoods and the Israeli-Palestinian E-waste Economy: A Transmedia Monograph

Joshua Rosenstock

Interactive Media & Game Development

Digital Palimpsest: Using Augmented Reality to Foreground Invisible Histories

John Galante

Humanities and Arts

Contours and Characteristics of the Venezuelan Exodus

Marja Bakermans

Integrative & Global Studies

Connecting WPI’s Global Project Centers to Create Digital Library of Georeferenced Land Use and Land Cover Images

William San Martin

Humanities and Arts

Crafting Global Innovation: Assessing the Impacts of the IQPs in Transnational Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Courtney Kurlanska

Integrative & Global Studies

The Social and Solidarity Economy: Choose Your Own Adventure

Michael Elmes

Business School

Everything is Waiting For You: Rethinking Project-Based Learning From the Perspectives of Indigenous Knowledge, Poetry, and Digital Storytelling

Aarti Madan

Humanities and Arts

Transmedia Storytelling for Transpacific Studies: Migrant Narratives from the Global South

Soroush Farzin-Moghadam

Architectural Engineering

The Epistemic Wall: An interactive art installation exploring the interface of physical reality and the digital word, with an application showcasing global projects

Ingrid Shockey

Integrative & Global Studies

Climate Stories: Using transmedia storytelling to connect ethnographies of climate change across WPI project center sites

Robert Hersh

Integrative & Global Studies

Using public art events to link project partners in Albania with the Albanian diaspora community in Worcester around the theme of cultural memory

Andrew Trapp

Business School

New Frontiers in Global Humanitarian Decision-Making: Increasing Awareness and Societal Impacts

Seth Tuler

Integrative & Global Studies

Developing transmedia strategies for representing and sharing information about climate hazards, their impacts, and opportunities to mitigate impacts, in collaboration with the Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA)