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Creative Scholarship

As the information ecosystem explodes and open myriad avenues for sharing information, we ask, how can we use transmedia storytelling to elevate our engagement with partners around the world and share project developments in ways that will have the biggest impact for the stakeholders for whom it matters most? With continued commitment to scholarly forms, we explore how scholarly artifacts can be but a part of broader, prismatic storyworlds that invite audiences and partners to engage creatively and take agency in the communication.


Students, faculty and project partners are exploring genres and media strategies that best contribute to the problem at hand and reach audiences that matter. Our media studios help students and faculty prepare to integrate graphic designs, videos, podcasts, animation, and augmented and virtual reality in their project work, and to look for other ways to generate and share stories through the project, and to use stories as a means for connecting, for example through food or through games.


We developed created effective outreach materials based on a “serious games” framework to help people reduce their vulnerability to flooding. We are generating ethnographies of climate change, which allow the unique perspectives of individuals in locales around the world to contribute to our understanding of the climate crisis. We have worked with women in Albania to document the cultural stories embedded in traditional fabrics of the region.